Used 20ft Open Top Container

Used 20ft Open Top Shipping Containers

The 20ft Open Top container is meant for cargo that can be loaded with a crane from the upper side. The 20-foot Open Top container can be used for special and heavy goods. The new and used Open Top container has been made out of corten steel and provided with a wooden floor, galvanized locking equipment, removable header and a tarpaulin roof.


Used 20ft Open Top Containers

Why choose an Open Top Shipping Container

Used 20ft Open Top Shipping Containers provide two access points, they have two sets of standard double-doors (one at each end of the container) making it easy to access both ends of the shipping container.

Open Top Shipping Containers are typically purchased by clients who want improved access to the contents of their container. Having an Open top also makes open top container easy to convert for two separate uses e.g. part storage, part office. For example a standard tunnel container, i.e. a 20ft container with double doors at each end could be partitioned down the middle, leaving two 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ halves – each with their own access – one half could then be converted and used for office space and the other half used for secure part/equipment storage.

Tunnel Containers are ideal for storage, since both sets of double doors can be used, items can be loaded from both ends, making it easier to get stored goods into and out of the container.

Converting an Open Top Shipping Containers

Open Top Shipping Containers can be converted in many different ways, just as you’d convert a standard container.

We have previously modified open top Containers to install lighting and side windows.

Due to their construction material (corten steel) tunnel containers are ideal for secure storage – for example, by installing an internal partition it’s easy to create two secure storage units from one tunnel container.

Double Access/Double Door containers are also often converted to provide secure site access, installing a turnstile or manual secure entry checkpoint as users pass through the container.

To view a selection of our previous conversion projects click here.

20ft Open Top Container are typically only available in new ‘one trip’ condition, owners typically create them for a specific purpose so they hold onto them. There aren’t many tunnel containers available for resale in used condition.


Type 8ft Standard 10ft Standard 20ft Standard 40ft Standard
External Length 19ft 10½”
External Width 8ft
External Height 8ft 6″
Internal Length 39ft 4″
Internal Width 7ft 8″
Internal Height 7ft 10″
Door Opening Width 7ft 8″
Door Opening Height 7ft 5″
Internal Cubic Capacity 1,170 cu feet
Tare Weight 2,185 kg
Net Load Weight 28,420 kg
Maximum Gross Weight 30,480 kg
Floor Space 305 sq ft


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