Flat Pack Chemical Storage containers

Chemical Storage Containers

As with other ISO Freight Containers unit, we can offer chemical storage containers for hire or sale in traditional dimensions, or create a bespoke unit for sale to cater specifically to your personal needs.

Flat pack chemical stores combine the safety elements of chemical storage with the convenience and price of a flat pack product. Most chemical stores are made from converted shipping containers, but Containers Direct can now offer their customers a convenient flat packed version for chemical storage.


Flat Pack Chemical Storage containers

The convenience of a flat pack store

Flat pack chemical stores are the answer to the problem of difficult site entry, as they are pack and deliver in a compact form which is light enough to be manually transport, wherever you want to position it. They are quick and easy to assemble, and return to flat pack form if relocation is required. As with all flat packs from Containers Direct, all flat pack chemical stores have modular capacity, meaning you can expand storage space by joining further products at any time.

Chose from three sizes

With 2m3m and 4m chemical store models are available to accommodate different sized loads. For full and accurate dimensions, see the table at the bottom of the page. Most storage containers are made from galvanized steel with timber flooring, but safety regulations applied to the storage of hazardous materials means the floor of flat pack chemical stores are unique, as they are required to be proofed against spillages and leaks.

Chemical store flooring

Firstly the floor of the flat pack chemical store is a product of steel instead of timber, and has a special patterned surface that gives grip to prevent slippages. Secondly the floor has a unique sumped base with a suspended floor grate. This sits below the steel plate on the surface of the containers and allows any spills and leaks from the stored chemicals to be drained safely away. Without these special features the floor of the container would very quickly deteriorate from being constantly soaked in chemicals, and would be a health hazard to anyone using the container.

High security

Double locking is standard on all flat pack chemical stores, to comply with regulations that security against unauthorized entry is paramount with hazardous materials.
Shelving can be added as an optional extra.

Container Type Length Width Height Weight Sump capacity
2m 2.16m 2.30m 2.24m 520kg 6801L
3m 2.16m 3.08m 2.24m 633kg 9041L
4m 2.16m 4.08m 2.24m 781kg 1212L


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