Buy Insulated Shipping Containers

There are several reasons to insulate shipping containers. Doing so reduces the risk of condensation, prevents items from freezing, and is particularly useful for storing valuable items.

Delicate items such as important documents, papers, books, household items, electrical items, furniture, and even food all benefit from having a consistent temperature.


Buy Insulated Shipping Containers

Buy Insulated Shipping Containers from ISO Freight Containers in USA. When insulation is require, we insulate our shipping containers using a two-step process. Initially we insulate the container with quality approved insulation. This features a highly robust thermoset core and composite foil facings.

The second stage involves adding plywood or OSB lining on top of the Therma. This proves the ideal base for further additions such as shelving units or other objects, and can be easy painting.

Different types of Insulated Shipping Containers

Regular Ice Totes

Used overall by food processors, seafood processors, and wineries to ship their goods. This type of insulated shipping container provides excellent temperature control due to the foam-filled double-wall.

Dry Ice Totes

This type of insulated container is made of compounded-melt blend low-density polyethylene plastic. It is ideal for transporting frozen products such as dry ice and ice cream for a short shipping journey. This type also has significant impact resistance.


This type of container is ideal for onboard handling, defrosting, or chilling applications. It’s designed to use onboard vessels. For instance to sort, grade, and store seafood and reduce the thawing time by half.


Used to transport fresh goods to markets, supermarkets, or vendor shows. They are portable and keep food and beverages cold without using a mechanical refrigeration system.


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