Buy 40ft Tunnel Shipping Containers Online

Our 40ft Tunnel Shipping Containers are one of the largest supplied to customers.

They are fit for the same purposes as our smaller models, but with so much more room available, you don’t have to be constrained, or compromise on space.


Buy 40ft Tunnel Shipping Containers Online

Buy 40ft Tunnel Shipping Containers Online. At ISO Freight Containers we offer 40ft Tunnel Shipping Containers. If you require a safe and secure space for the storage of domestic and general items, then our 40ft shipping containers could be the perfect option.

They aren’t just use for storage and shipping and in fact, have a range of applications. They are using them to host pop-up shops, offices, bars, restaurants, studios and much more – it’s entirely up to you, these models are extremely versatile.

We provide new and used models, which come with 27mm marine plywood flooring, multiple lashing points and multiple air vents as standard. All wind and watertight, we assure you that everything inside will be fully Secure and save. New models also come with a lock box as standard, however, this is an optional feature of our used products.

Applications for 40ft Shipping Containers

Because of their size, 40ft containers can easily be converted, which is one reason why they’re one of our most popular sizes.

Many of these models have roller shutter doors, bespoke doors and windows installed; as addition to the heating, lighting and electrics. Modification options are not limited to this however, it’s all down to what you want to do with it!

Our stocks are use in a variety of industries including retail, leisure, sports, chemical and energy companies. Chances are, they’ll be extremely useful in the industry you operate in too!


Our 40ft shipping containers are extremely versatile, making them suitable for a range of applications, including custom-made biomass boiler housing, welfare/washroom units, chemical storage, pop-up shops, studios, offices, bars & restaurants, workshops, canteens, temporary laboratories, electrical intake/switch rooms and many more.

One of our most popular sizes, and easily convertible – we’re even making our new offices from six of them! Common modifications include roller shutter doors, bespoke doors and windows, and the addition of heating, lighting and electrics.


Available in standard, high cube, side opening, tunnel and open top. All wind and water tight, and come fitted with multiple air vents, a plywood floor, and multiple lashing points.

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Dimensions of 40ft Shipping Containers

8ft 6ins


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