ISO 20ft tunnel shipping containers

Why choose a ISO 20ft  Tunnel Shipping Container?

ISO 20ft Tunnel Containers provide two access points, they have two sets of standard double-doors (one at each end of the container) making it easy to access both ends of the shipping container.

Tunnel Shipping Containers are typically purchase by clients who want improve access to the contents of their container. Having two double doors also makes tunnel containers easy to convert for two separate uses e.g. part storage, part office. For example a standard ISO 20ft Tunnel Containers, i.e. a 20ft container with double doors at each end could be partition down the middle, leaving two 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ halves – each with their own access – one half could then be change and use for office space and the other half used for secure part/equipment storage.

Tunnel Containers are ideal for storage, since both sets of double doors can be used, items can  load from both ends, making it easier to get stored goods into and out of the container.

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